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    Easily make beautiful product labels and print them from anywhere.

    Showroom and sales managers use Label Haven as a turnkey tool to make product labels easy for everyone.


    Beautify and brand your showroom

    Get time back for other things

    Simplify your workflow

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    Make labels quickly. Click one button.

    Printing labels should be so simple! After 20 years of experience in home furnishings, lighting and gift industries, we saw that it was still complicated. Label Haven is purpose-built to do one thing really, really well: Easily print custom labels.

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    Stop tagging your products with old tools built for address labels.

    You are labeling your showroom, not cheap envelopes. Stop using tools like Mail Merge for labeling. Unlike Mail Merge, Label Haven is simple to use. Your labels can finally look exactly the way you want and wow your customers. We custom-built the tool that showroom managers told us they needed.

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    Your whole team can print labels anytime, anywhere. It's all in the cloud.

    Stop emailing files around and waiting for your “label person”. Your whole team can login and print what they need from anywhere in the world. We built Label Haven to work perfectly for distributed teams and showrooms.

  • Watch how EASY it is to print.

  • How it Works

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    Import products and photos

    Easily add and update data with our connectors or from your spreadsheets. Label Haven memorizes how to map custom fields to your data and intelligently matches photos to products.



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    Design the templates you want with our team

    Select pre-built designs or request custom templates. You can implement your existing labels or start from scratch. Label Haven designers can create the exact design, sizes, colors, and fonts you want. Add options to do anything you need, such as swapping price levels or hiding fields.


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    Print anytime, anywhere

    Select products, quantities, and the template to print. Click one button to instantly print or save the labels as a PDF. Login and print what you need on demand from a browser on any device, anywhere in the world.


  • Solve your problems with custom options and logic

    Use custom options to create a workflow that fits your team, solves headaches, and saves time.

    Custom options give you granular control over the result every time you print. We can build anything you can imagine.

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  • Flexible pricing based on what you use

    Pricing is subscription based and you can cancel service anytime.

    Excellent, on-demand customer service is always included with a subscription.


    $25 per month

    • 1 user
    • 1 template
    • 5 custom product fields
    • 500 products


    $55 per month

    • 5 users
    • 5 templates
    • 10 custom product fields
    • Unlimited products


    $95 per month

    • 10 users
    • Unlimited templates
    • Unlimited custom product fields
    • Unlimited products
  • Template Design and Subscription Fees

    Pricing is based on a one-time design fee for each template and subscription fees after the templates are in your account.


    DESIGN: $250 one-time

    MONTHLY: $15

    • Text & barcode/QR
    • Sort products by the sequence you choose, or by product number or description


    DESIGN: $500 one-time

    MONTHLY: $25

    • Basic +
    • Product photo(s)
    • Custom options


    DESIGN: $750 one-time

    MONTHLY: $35

    • Pro +
    • Complex grouping
    • Custom logic to handle complicated needs


    Starts at $150 one-time

    • You request changes to your template's design
    • You preview the changes
    • We'll charge you for the changes only when you're satisfied
  • Optional Features

    À la carte features to enhance your experience.


    MONTHLY: $25

    • Automate your product data updates
    • FTP/SFTP upload
    • eCat direct connector
    • Salsify direct connector


    MONTHLY: $50

    • Permanent URL for your labels
    • Easily change the final URL that scanners will be directed to
    • Track the scans


    MONTHLY: $50

    • Easily add product photos to an Excel spreadsheet
    • Great for price lists and sales reports


    MONTHLY: $50

    • API access to the Label Haven engine
    • Integrate with your website for tear sheets or labels


    MONTHLY: $5/user

    • Allow more users to administer or print labels

    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome